Friday, March 9, 2012

Pinterest People

The new addiction eh? I have some thoughts on it. ( you knew that I would!) The best thing about Pinterest is not just having fun dreaming. Its not planning the perfect home, meal, outfit, trip. For me, its opening up what I have created, looking at each of the compiled boards I have pinned to, and discovering something VERY COOL! ME! No kidding! I opened my "for the home" board one day and as I was shopping i my own store I noticed who I am in a nutshell! My personality comes through and its all the same even tho it was all "pinned" at different times. Its like a G Book! All about me!

Discoveries Made:
Home Board: Walk into my home and I swear everythings round, unique and fanfreaking tastic! I love my place!
Humor Board:  What a goofball I am, things that give me a tickle.
Food Board:  I am a damn good cook! WOW! And so are my Foodies! I KNOW chit!
Fashion Style: With a little work, I look like I have always looked, only smaller! YEH ME!
Quilty Board: YEN CAN QUILT! And so can her buddies!
Jewelery Board: I open it up, drool, and say YEPPERS, Its Moi`!

Now, Do I hold tonights winning lottery ticket? I just might!

Now here's another Pinterest Plus. Why google anything when we can find the best sites for what we need right there on Pinterest??? Yeppers! There are like minded people and artists right at my fingertips! No web searching required! Love that!
What a great promoter tool for our businesses!!! Go Me Again! Marketing with emotion! Just my style:)
Ok, so Dear Blog readers, go sign up and make an all about you book! Then let me know so I can go to your house, in your closet, eat your food, and laugh out loud at your sense of humor. I dig it. ( dated me opps, my bad) Old Hippie?
Have fun on Pinterest!
Please Dear Pinterest Peoples, Please dont change a thing! DONT PULL A FACEBOOK ON ME!
Love yer guts!

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