Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gotta Love Craigs List!

I'm making lists all over the house (thanks 3M). Things that we need in certain places for the new humble abode. The list is long and via retail, unatainable for now. BUT>>>>>>

Hello Craigs list!!! I have found shelving for the shed, plastic boxes for the office, and im hunting down cabinetry for the new shop! And this is my favorite find so far! Its an Oak Secretary, petite enough for the corner of our upstairs living room, and a home for the laptop & accessories! Guess how much.. go ahead.. guess.... What u need more data to play the price is right??? K... solid oak, 4 years old, not a scratch or dent on it, felt lined drawer, dovetail joints, clawfoot legs! ( matches the curio eh!) $75.00 BUCKS WOOHOO!! What a steal I say! Now I need a good armless laptopy kind of chair cause this dining room chair cannot live there. So now, before blog visits, I hit craigslist general, then furniture.... what fun, and better than ebay! OK, I better move it... Walt is on a project that I'll show you soon... he is such a brainiac I tell u... he is making a vanity in the master, out of unused space from the top of the staircase! We have sacrificed quite a bit of storage space in this home, so we are on the case to be more organized:) Have a good day................G


Judy Whitehead said...

Gina that piece is gorgeous! and $75.......OMG!!!!!!!!! Yep, you got a steal! WOOHOO!!!!!

JudyL said...

What great finds! DH works for 3M so . . thank you! :)

Freda said...

What a great find Gina. It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... don't you just love a bargain find?

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