Monday, June 2, 2008

Who Needs Boxes?

What a pickle!! As I try to unpack just to be able to navigate the floor space, I am faced with piles and piles of cardboard!! I got tired of looking at stacks on the front porch, so I began to slice them open and stack in FLAT piles when it occured to me... NOW WHAT? Small, medium and large, Uhaul, home depot, and scavenger boxes, I gots lots!!! SO what you think,Craigs list? handyman call? free to good home? Sheesh. I have only unpacked the kitchen and living room!!! Maybe its trivial, but they really bug me... I mean BUG me! I have heard soooo many horror stories from past pest control agencies regarding the storing of cardboard boxes. Something about cockroaches breeding in the glue... ewwwww.. For years I have refused to store paper bags or boxes of any kind. Now I walk around, peeking around corners, pondering the possibility of a nasty BUG brewing in my bedroom boxes! They must go. They must go NOW.
We are officially in ONE home today, not exactly settled, ( by a long shot) but one home is easier than 2 eh? As I said, walking in here isnt easy, but, its a process right? I was down in the shop this morning trying to find a needle , thread and a button... it was an act of congress!!! Imagine that... me unable to sew... a real tsk tsk tsker.... The weather is just gorgeous in the upper 60's with a sea breeze to sleep with. I havent had a spare hour to investigate the area yet, but its on the list. Walt is already mapping out fishing days. I did hit the cool Sushi House on the Embarcadero, and it was fantastic and authentic... Man theres lots to try down there....and the shopping? OMGGGGG!!!!!
If you are in need of hundreds of sturdy, only used once boxes, swing by:)


Anonymous said...

Never heard of cockroaches or any other kind of bug breeding in cardboard? I saved flatened boxes from our move here 30 years ago and they came in handy over the years for storing lots of stuff. Especially those medium size ones. Must be a rumor from the plastic bin people about the bugs---they just want us to invest in more plastic. Suz

Anonymous said...

You might want to try Freecycle it is a yahoo goup. Not sure what area of CA you are in for sure.


Carla said...

Last ditch ... you can recycle them, too.

I love the picture in your header... classy.

Deb said...

I think Mary is still surrounded by boxes too. Between the 2 of you, you could make a little city for grandkids...cept for the bug thing--ick!

Anonymous said...

I too have a bazillion boxes. We want to sell them or give the whole bundle to someone. I don't think we have freecycle here in Montana. But I'll have to check it out. Good luck unpacking!

I just put my longarm together yesterday. She's been out of commission since March 15. :-(

Tina C.

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