Monday, June 30, 2008

Marvelous Monday, Lets Begin Again Shall We?

As you can see, I wont go down without a fight right? Of course right. So... Mondays can and will be marvelous! ( see Tuesday for results)

*Good hubby
*Good friends,
* good coffee,
*2 Buck Chuck
*A great place to watch EVERY sunset
*my favorite UGG Slippers
*My buddy Rudy

Ok, so that was this weeks thankfuls... I have lots, I know. That last one needs a discussion. Did you people here about the man who recently died because of a Parrot Fever giving him Pneumonia? Yep... Seems that his daughter exhumed her fathers body to autopsy it and sue Pet Smart! Can u believe that? I googled the illness... sure enough, if I want to get totally paranoid here I would put on my gloves, face mask, and never be around my parrot again! ( thats not happening) It was then that I decided what COULD be adding to my depressive state of mind. I shall delete this habit NOW. Its the dang news! I have news on almost 24/7. Fox, Cnn, Headline... etc.. its kind of like a noise babysitter. I dont have music piped in yet here so the news is next best choice. NOT. I think its adding to my stress! I'm turning it off! I havent heard one positive thing in weeks! I KNOW better than to be around THAT much negativity! I think around 11:00 pm last night, I had sunk to depression times in finances, I was walking around doing self exams thinking I might have breast cancer, I needed to file a lawsuit for pharmaceutical cover up on blood pressure meds, I had to check all locks on the doors because there may or may not be a serial killer loose somewhere in the country, the fire fog and ash might suffocate me before the cancer does me in, and my pets may be killing me!!! Now this is all just up in the air as no one actually SITS down to watch this crap! I got so upset that I tore through the box of DVD's to find a copy of Happy Feet and shoved it into the player! Quick! Change that channel too!!! Ok. Done. Maybe that was a little lightbulb moment too. Dont subliminally let negative crap seap into your brain via newscastors!!
Poor Rudy... and to think I looked at him with fear this morning...tsk tsk.. tsk.... Ginger had a look on her face like " I knew it!Dang bird!"
<-----Going to make a marvelous Monday, and find my music files!!!


Desert Threads said...

Now, how can anything as beautiful as Sir Rudy be harmful??

Freda said...

Rudy is a cutie. Positive energy headed your way. I can't say as I blame you for turning off the news. It is so depressing these days.

Yvonne said...

I'm stopped listening to the news and reading the papers last year. I've never been happier....all that negativity makes me weary.
I like marvelous Mondays! Love the photo. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I've not read the newspaper or watched a full broadcast of any news program in a very long time. It depresses. Why do I want to know about all the sick things people to each other. I can watch Law and Order and be somewhat entertained or watch CSI and look at Nick for a while...he's entertaining enough for me. I do not know want to hear about being screwed over by whomever sits in a government position, what disease I may or may not get if I even so much as blink. Today wine is good for you, tomorrow it gives you breast cancer.

To heck with it! I'm going to drink my glass of red wine and put my feet up and enjoy what time I have!!

Karen A. who would rather sit in total silence than listen/watch the news.

JudyL said...

I agree! I keep XM Radio on and there's music on there for my every mood. If not, I fire up the iPod. I've been begging my husband just to get rid of the TV completely. I know it's not gonna happen but there's so little (if anything) we can do to change things and I'm not even going to hear about it or I'd dwell on it all too.

Anonymous said...

The news can certainly pull the healthiest of individuals down that dark corridor of negativity. I go there spurts with my news junkie habit. Right now I am not watching much t.v. at all and am loving it! (So is my garden. :-D )

Enjoy your music, your loves, your life!

Christine O.

Jennifer said...

The tv news and the newspaper dailies give media such a bad rap. I go for the small town community newspapers that are dedicated to community publishing, celebrating the communities successes and respectfully sharing of it's tragedies. We have to remember, it's about the small stuff in life, oh, and don't believe everything you read, it's rarely right, I should know...I own one. I truly enjoy your blog by the way...I've been stopping by for about a month now, and find myself eager for your next post. Thank you for sharing!

Deb said...

What a handsome fella that Rudy is!

I watch/read more news than I just winds me up, then I start shouting at the TV or the paper.

Like all things...moderation is probably the key.

Lynn Douglass said...

I'm with you on the news. Some of my friends think it's irresponsible that I watch very little of it and don't read much of the newspaper either. I found that it was making me angry and depressed when I read the paper and watched the news daily. The t.v. would be out of my house completely if it were up to me. Bring on the music!

Nancy Colpitts said...

I haven't watched a full news..okay let's face it next to never LOL...DH always watches it more than once...

I also don't read the paper never there..

Lots of people say that I have my head buried in the sand...frankly I don't care...I'll be an optimist to the end and I don't need to know about every sicko out there..

Oromocto, NB

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