Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Sky Didnt Fall Afterall

Yippee! We made it through Friday the 13th with no feared catastrophe's here! (doctor says my fears are normal part of grief, but truly, she says that about everything.)
We did lose a great journalist in Tim Russert. Very scary that he died at aged 58 of a major coronary. Makes one ponder eh? I have enjoyed his whimsical yet poignant personality on MEET THE PRESS for many years.
I had the pleasure of lunching with a fellow longarmer in Paso today. We had delicious spinach salads while chatting about quilting for a most enjoyable couple hours. Thanks June, lets do it again soon! HOWEVER..... you come here next time. I went form 95 degrees to 62 degrees in less than 10 minutes! Whoa.... how wierd is that? I came home to one whole wall done in the shop too! the design wall,with pegboard attached to either side. Im going to love that! 8 feet by 16 feet for right behind my lonesome Greta Gammil. I have yet to unpack a thing in there for fear of sawdusty particles and the like. I'll take pics when its done though:) My new studio space is 22x 20, so we are trying hard to make good use of space. Who knows if I will have a chance to paint...right now its a lovely shade of off white... YUK. I was thinking carribean blue..... what you think? Maybe I should post a
OK, Im off to cook dinner. Walt has requested red meat, so its rib eyes on the grill, corn on the cob, baked potato, and a watermelon dessert... the second meal Ive actually prepared I still cant find anything either!!!
Have a nice Saturday, and a wonderful Fathers Day. I will be thinking of many tomorrow, and sending them all good stuff:)


Anonymous said...

I think you are one amazing, wonderful loving lady.


Freda said...

Glad everything is all right Gina. Can't wait to see your new studio.

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