Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yo Yo Quilt? :::edited:::

Talk about unprepared!!! I dont know what I was thinking when I took off to ROAM the state of California again with no handwork onboard!! Just for a background ... I should tell you that I had to throw everything into the car and hit the road in order to accomplish 3 things.
Holding my new grandbaby Jamie Elaine (Manteca) (Pics next week, shes gorgeous!)
Walts surgery (fresno) (Bariatric)
Tending to my sis care from knee surgery ( Auburn)
Yes, I did it. OMG I did it. I gotta tell u tho, I hate this heat! Its 107 here! ( Fresno) I picked up Walt today and we must stay in an extended stay hotl until his post op visit Tuesday. Did I THINK to bring anyhting to work on? Nooooo
I googled the quilt shops round here, but it was Sharon who led me to Quilters Paradise, and WOW what a great shop! I was a good girl and bought only enough to keep my attention for a bit. I have no tools? I have NOTHING here in supplies! I wish I could do some needle turning project, but... nothing, nope... nothing to work with. So, I found a new project. Has anyone tried this new Clover Quick YO YO maker? Ok, so I have made one. ONE. I decided that it may have been easier to cut up a cardboard and make my own templates for yo yos rather than to teach an ole dog a new trick? So... Here I am... I have about 2 gazillion yo yos to go to actually make something eh?
Walt is doing well. I have him walking every little while, and sipping water constantly. He is on a liquid diet, so I am armed with a plethera of consumes and jello, protein shakes and popsicles. He tells me that had he known, he wouldnt have done it. However I think his doctor would not have listened. He was in danger, and this was the best choice. Watching his pained face, is a killer. This is the most horrific stressful time in my life. bar none.
Sis is doing well, actually walking on that surgical knee! We watched The Bucket List again, and had a nice dinner. Too short.. way too short.
The Baby! OMGOODNESS I cant wait to see her again! She is adorable! She looks like Jake!!! ( no bias there eh) Dark hair, eyes and skin.... what a beauty. Karen put her picture next to Avianas newborn pics, and they are the same. Wierd .....
When Im able to, Ill post pics:) For now, I better go fix jello man some broth! If anyone has any tips on this yo yo mess.... tip on!
I found Cottage Quilts too thanks to Miss Jean!! Picked up more batiks, and a yummy wool foundation for my yo yo project! I decided that it would be a wall hanging, maybe up the bannister wall.. the wool drapes beautifully and I am in hopes that attaching and a sleeve will be all that it needs. After ALL these yo yo's, I'll be tired eh? Oh maybe an artistic design with strategically placed yo yo's??? ( I bet Rudy will like saying YO YO too)
Thanks for the HOT TIP!


Mary said...

I'd suggest you throw the YoYo maker away! I tried it once too - one YoYO, they are much easier to make with just a circle template in my opinion.

Hope Walt is on the road to recovery soon.

Anonymous said...

You've been incredibly busy. I don't know how you do it.

I'm glad to read that Walt is okay. I hope his post-op time is as easy as is possible.

Eager to see the photos of the newest member of your family! :)

Take care of you! TeresaL

Freda said...

No help with the Yo Yo's here Gina. I can't even imagine making bazillion little circles! Hope everything goes well for Walt and congratulations on the new GD. I don't know how you get everything done either.

Miss Jean said...

I hope you are able to go to Cottage Quilts on Bullard Avenue in Fresno. It is a great store and not far from Quilters Paradice.

Anonymous said...

Gina, Congrats on the new arrival. You must be in heaven. Glad to hear things went well for Walt. Keep those fluids coming. It is really hot here to. :( I thought those new YoYo thingy's were supposed to be easy.
Take care,
Love ya

Desert Threads said...

Glad to hear that Walt is doing well. Give him my best.
My suggestion for YoYo's.....start with something a table topper. The very first quilt I ever made was a YoYo...after 4 years of little circles, I gave it away cause by that time I hated it.

Jan Thompson said...

I don't even like to LOOK at Yo-Yo stuff, much less make something! LOL! Congratulations on the new baby, and give Walt my wishes for a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

G, remember I told you I went to an antique shop and it was full of quilt, I was explaining this yoyo quilt to you and you said you didnt love them, now your making one? You must be really bored. lol.


Miss Jean said...

I'm glad you found the shop!!! Isn't it great? Take care.

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