Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

So, heres a recap... I ate a TWIX candy car mini. I had Mufasa take all of the candy to his students today. I dont even LIKE candy and it is a temptation. GRUNT. While he trick or treated with Emily, I played with my new sewing machine which I'll show you tomorrow. Let me just say that its SMOKIN hot, fast, and purty!
For today, here is the FAM! I so wish we all could have been together:( I need a big family photo together. H?

Jake and Shawns carving

Jamie and Shawn at the Pumkin Patch

Shawn is a transformer, that probobly cannot see! Jamie a lady bug A SWEETEST ladybug!!

Kendall is a bumble bee! Vogue Bee!

Emily a Pirate, happy pirate!

Aviana a mystical witch! Witches smile!

Ginger a hot dog:)

Heather a chicken! Bless her brave, brave heart!

Sarah is Alice in wonderland for a day! PURRRFECT!
                                                               Bears repeating! LOL

And guess who? Tis SCARY!

Kelly and kids took off to Disneyland!

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