Tuesday, November 29, 2011

December is Breathing Down My Neck!

"None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding
 except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone."
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Morning:)  It would seem that all roads lead to the December first deadline for me eh? Much to do!
I have bloodwork due in, and the BIG decision that my doctor will make as to whether or not I have been good enough NOT to be put on a lifelong sentence to Insulin shots. I think I will please her ( and me). Not that I have lost anymore than 12 pounds, but I have changed my diet dramatically. A few things left to change up , but I'm proud of the ones I have accomplished. My sugar levels are all over the map these days, but for the most part, LOWER than before. Oh how I would love an almond crossaint right now.
Did I say that?

The good girl is eating her cottage cheese and peaches. The bad girl is dreaming of the crossaint.
Speaking of dreams. They are back! Remember when I couldnt sleep due to horrid dreams? Yep yep yep... happening again!  My sleep patterns are genuinly messed up due to current issues. The dreams change drastically by the hour, jumping from incredibly sad, to uplifting surprises and happy feelings. Kinda like Monsters verses Santa Claus! No kidding! One minute theres a present in my bank easing the stress, and coming out of the bank my car is sparkling clean and purring.. then the next hour theres a monster in my kitchen window choking the life out of Seymore a favorite plant! Wierd wierd wierd. Now... I have to say that I gave you an easy example because you would run down the street naked screaming if I told you a HARD dream. Not fit for print. Period. Lets CLIC shall we?
Did I tell you that I whacked my hair? I did. I am a fiftyish person, and never in my life have I had short hair. I do now. I needed a change. ( I'll do anything right now to lift my own spirits). I'll show you a picture when I do it up. Right now I resemble a close relation to Tina Turner. I'm SO not kidding either! I was blessed with this bucket O hair, and no matter what I wake up like a lion. ( in more ways than one). My family says that it took ten years off, so I'll take it!!!! Now I just need a face lift, neck job, boob job...etc....
I have to hit the road... shoot I'm late for an appointment!!!
PS: Ginger's yakkin too!

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Anonymous said...

Gina, I'm not sure if you know or not but stress does wierd things with your blood sugar. Hopefully you have lost enough weight so you will not have to be on insulin, but if you do have to be on it, if you lose more weight you could possibly go off it. Keep trying & looking up, it's hard sometimes, but worth it in the end. Take care, Jill Boettcher

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