Monday, November 7, 2011

Yep, It's A Monday Alright......

Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.

Mornin`. Four days is all that I have left on a HUGE king custom. YES, I am afraid. Very afraid! I didnt get further than two rows and a border all week end! ( STRESS)
 I just went to buy more coffee. I'm gonna need it. I was actually aprehensive about going to the store and missing the verdict for Conrad Murray trial come in! It didnt happen. Ya know........90 percent of our worries never materialize, so why bother right? Easier said than done. I wish sometimes that I had a genuine give a rats ass attitude about many things, but its an impossibility for me.
I'm having such a great time bonding with the new Janome 1600P. Its just amazing what the right tools can do for your work. Same as kitchen gadgets/tools. It simply makes the work a pleasure. Having said that, I seriously need better piecing skills. I WANT to love piecing, like I love quilting, however it escapes me... the pleasure.... its more frustrating. Can it be alright if ones passion lies in quilting rather than piecing? I must be at least proficient in piecing while passionate about quilting. Product/construction knowledge. Yes.
OK, so off I go! Much progress to be done here. I wish to see my family this week end so deadlines a plenty.
Have a marvelous Monday, and I'll try to.::wink::

M & M's include:

ZOOMing on the new domestic
My new stronger eyeglasses on order! I cant see a dang thing!
Argon Oil in my lions mane hair. Keeps her tamed:)
Hearing Avi's excitement about Nonni coming and bringing her something. I havent seen her in so long!!!

One tee shirt Quilt down, 3 to go!

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Karen said...

Don't feel bad about not loving to piece. I love to piece but have all mine quilted by a friend. She has 16 of mine now and I was just thinking that I need to learn to quilt. But I really don;t have any interest in the quilting part. Besides she does such a beautiful job.

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