Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanks So Much

I'm trying. Really I am. I am so very grateful for your caring emails. Keep em coming, as I need all my Homies now:) I thought this was quite fitting GIF for the day since I cant seem to blog effectively.
Love your guts!


Anonymous said...

LOL..I love it!!! I have always hosted my family holidays but not this year! I am tired of spending all day cooking so everyone can eat and leave. Then I have to clean it all up. I am making a roast chicken for myself and putting my Christmas decorations up! This sounds so much more fun to me! Have a wonderful Holiday Gina!! Love, BeckyP

Marilyn said...

No turkey for me this year....too dam much work.
Going to make sauce, sew and watch TV for
the whole day. As my mother would say "it will
get better" and she was right. Love Ya

Anonymous said...

I started my own Thanksgiving tradition years ago. I stay home by myself, cook a big turkey without the fixin's -- I can't eat them anyway. I glory in the admiration of the cats and the dog when they see me hauling that bird out of the oven (how did she catch thaat?), and I have a bottle of champagne all to myself. Wonderful, relaxing, stress-free day, and I have turkey soup for weeks to come. Put lots in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

I could handle a prozac turkey!! Fortunately, our turkey day is done up here in the cold spot!! (-25C with windchill here this morning, brrrrrr) I gave up doing turkey dinners about 3 years ago. My son took over the next year and my daughter and sil the next. Nobody wants to do it anymore. It's a sh*tload of work for very little gain. I do miss my stuffing, but I shouldn't be eating it any more in any case!! You just hang in there Gina. Life wil continue one breath at a time. Just breathe babe.
Lurking Linda

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