Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Quilter Ten Commandments

1.Thou shall not buy another piece of fabric until thou has used two pieces from thy stash.

2.Thou shall not pre-wash RED fabrics with your family members WHITE underwear.
If you neglect to pre wash the aforementioned RED fabric and it bleeds all over your completed quilt,thou shall not whine. You may, however drink some.

3. Thou shalt name all beloved machines as if they belong in your family.

4.Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's stash, but you may try to weasel your way into their last will and testament through kindness.

5.Thou shall not work so much on your Grandmother's Flower Garden that you neglect the one outside.There is a reason why you are developing quilter's butt!

6.Thou shalt remember to bestow upon your dog much attention or else she will leave you a poopy present under your sewing machine while you are out running errands!

7.Thou shall not feel obligated to wash any dishes while you are developing a new technique. Or cook stuff.

8. Thou shall not neglect the lint under the bobbin
case,otherwise your beloved machine may spit it out at an inopportune time!

9. Thou shalt not sew fabric strips at Mach One with your hair on fire, without occasionally checking for a bobbin thread.

10.Thou shall not pin baste your quilt to the carpet. Or a waterbed.

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Lindah said...

You are so funny!

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