Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Reflections-M & M's

G'mornin... I'm of course nursing my first cuppa while surfing. Why is it that I always feel hung over until coffee goes in? Its not true... I'm not EVER hung but it sure feels like a MACK truck hit me?
OK. So its all true. Its my birthday. I am 50 again. WHY? Because THAT is my favorite birthday EVER, so I decided to keep it. As opposed to getting very bummed today, I shall reflect on that. Maybe by the time its wine 30, I will actually have convinced myself that I AM THERE! Do you remember the Las Vegas trip with my BFF's?  Do you peoples have a favorite birthday memory?
I had a very nice week end with my daughter. I was a bit bummed that my grand didnt come, but quickly decided that just having Karen alone was really a treat. We worked our tails off packing box after box after box. Thanks Karen for the help, motivation, and company. We enjoyed a great dinner on the beach complete with local musicians. I cannot even convey to you how much I will miss this place. shoot...CLIC
Today I will be working on the last of those quilts. Still 4 to make, 5 to quilt ,bind. think I can do it? I wont be packing the studio until the end with this much work to do. And I dont know what happened to BLOGGER but I cannot post pictures!!! grunt. I better go because I feel a meltdown coming and we dont want that today! Have a good one, I'll be talking to ya!

M M's:

Karens visit
My stitch pal bringing me a new coffee mug...
Saved boxes in the attic!
The will to continue with holes in my heart


Vicki W said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 50 this year and it was fantastic. I think I will take your lead and celebrate it for a few more years too!

marilyn said...

A very Happy Birthday and many more years
of celebrating 50, I'm still celebrating 50.
Sounds like a great week-end with your
daughter and you got a lot accomplished.
Try not to work all day have some fun,
a bottle of good wine and the beach
are my prescription.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Gina, Happy Birthday to you!!

((((((hugs))))) through the tough times.

Jill from Texas

vivian said...

Happy Birthday!! Like your idea of a favorite birthday and sticking to it!

Thearica said...

Happy Birthday Gina! I am glad you enjoyed your visit with family. Dinner on the beach sounded fantastic!

Gina said...

I made it! I'm still breathign AGAIN!!!
Imagine that......

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