Friday, October 15, 2010

How Many Strip Quilts Can Be Made In A Week?

FIVE? Let's hope so... Giving it my best shot anyway. Complete mayhem round here, and all I REALLY want to do is go to PIQF and take a snapshot with the WIENER! THATS ME! Well, US. I am sitting here sipping,pondering HOW to get all this done, and road trip to Santa Clara, all in one week end. Its times like these I wish I were Barbara Eden and wiggle my nose to just BE THERE. Maye someone will take a pic for me, and I will photoshop myself into it..LOLOL
Pictured above are 4 of the said 5... I havent even cut the 5th yet. I am running out of Gramas stash! I better move it.. Have a TGIF kind of day dear blog readers:)

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