Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thanks For The Emails

I am okay. No worries. I just have no magic moments or good, or funny stuff to chat about? I am suffering from Groundhogs day I think. It all seems the same, and not happy? I choose to not discuss NOT HAPPY. CLIC.
Really, thank you guys. Love yer guts, I'll be ok, I am a crying quilting away in here... me and the DAWG:) Remember the earlier post "The heart of life is still good".

My Sis and Daughter may be coming this week end. That will help. I managed to get out for a bit today and bought myself a birthday gift! (SHOES!! BLACK STRAPPY SEXY WEDGY SHOES!)

No, I sure as hell CANT afford them, but damn... I got to SMILE! I got to think about where I might wear them to? Not to the Nickelback concert I wont be going to! ::foot stomping:::(plus... You know if Suzi Orman would read this i would not be APPROVED! LOL)
 Ok, so I speeded...sped...( hmm) to the local GAS-ES-STATION for a 2 dollar quick pick in a 48 million dollar lottery tonight! Just the lil 10 minute dream of how to spend it all (in not one place) distracted the groundhog day crap. So.. its all good. See how that all went down?
I promptly returned to the regularly scheduled programing for the night. Put on a pot and finished the new king. I drank so much coffee I am still awake! At least I can say that.. all the other nights, no coffee and STILL no sleep. I have a ton of domestic sewing to begin tomorrow. 3 throws and 2 cribs to build! Woo hoo! I get to sit! I know the days are passing fast, however they seem like slow motion to me. Not that I am anxious, its just bloody painful, thats all. I will try, truly, to wake up with words of wonder tomorrow:)


marilyn said...

Gina, love those shoes. After you win that
48 million you can buy a place to wear the
shoes to. Good Times this week- end with
your sister and daughter. When is your
birthday, inquiring minds want to know.

Gina said...

THATS the plan Marilyn!
The 11th...sshhh.. Imma gonna be 50. Again. Still.

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