Monday, October 4, 2010

The Skin I'm In-M & M's

Not sure how to locate the M & M's for last week. Whoa... what a week. Its one of those foot stomping WEEKS. You know the drll. Right hand on hip, left foot turned 45 degrees like Imma bout to break into a ballerina pose, however the monster is ever present and she decides to just throw down a tantrum for only the pets to witness. Oh what I wouldnt give to be a two year old and allowed a throw down or ten. Is there a medication for not enjoying the skin ones in? Its wierd not to know what is acceptable to myself sometimes. A crying puddle of mud victim, a pissed off person, or a Jackie O` Killer stance on strength and grace while absolutley DIEING on the inside, ORRRR, a happy ass clown that refuses to never let em see ya sweat! Double grunt! I gots a choice. I ALWAYS have a choice. I'll ponder that a minute.

Mornin!!! SEE MY TEEFY GRIN? Yeh, I know... what a cool lie I am eh? Its all good. Today I meet with my Pastor of all things. Ok, and quilt my fingers off a little more. Grateful that I have this ability, mind you. Hey... can you get carpul tunnel in your right hand from longarming? I have SOMETHING going on here. It doesnt quite feel like when I bind a great deal, but it does hurt a lot, especially the opposite side of my palm. Anyone know?
I wanna shave my head. Just sayin`.

Marvelous Monday's
* My angel friend Gloria coming by regularly just to check on me.
* Ginger's grooming angel!
*quilts to quilt.
*No machine problems while driving fast!
*A killer pasta sauce dreamed up
*My shop, filled with things I love, especially music
* Ginger who seems to "get me".
Sunday M/M


marilyn said...

Be a happy ass bald clown, I cannot stop
laughing. Just my opinion but I'm sure
that you will take away something that
will be good for you after seeing your
pastor. Put on your tu-tu and take a

Gina said...

Very funny got a good visual there I tell ya

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