Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pacific International Quilt Festival

Yes, We won Honorable Mention! :::bowing::: Curtsie::::Bowing:::: Raising coffee cup::::::: I have no idea what the purse is, but I cant wait to see the ribbon!!! ( u think it could get viewers choice too?)

I think I posted this a few months back when it was accepted into PIQF. I didnt think it would win!!! You can clic to enlarge the photo, but the stitching isnt too clear. Especially the black. I used yummy GLIDE threads and they shine, shine, shine:)
 Summer blast was also accepted, however no win:(  Maybe at Road to California? One can hope. This is called 7 Dysfunctional Sisters. All Geishas in beautiful dresses. Ok, Enough tooting... Sorry I have been AWOL, but I have been BEYOND busy! Quilting, packing, planning, listing... craigs listing... omgoodness. The good news is that I AM SO NUTZ, who has time to feel sorry for themselves? CLIC
Thanks again for your email concerns and the birthday cards. I LOVE YER GUTS!!!
I will be doing the same today.. at MACH 1 speed, hair flying.... little time left now, and I am planning a yard sale this week end too! I decided to get a jump on it by Craigs listing big stuff and it never occured to me that I TRIPLED my workload! No kidding!  Maybe next month I can squeeze in an underwear day? Wow... Another distant memory. CLIC
Ok, so I hope you are all well and quilting away. Make sure u pop into PIQF web site and look at all the STUNNING winning quilts I gotta tell ya, I am among the best of the best, and I am humbled to say the least!


Lindah said...

Congratulations! That is super. I'll drop over to PIQF and take a look.

Gina said...

Cool beans!! Let me know how u liked it!

Vicki W said...


Gretchen said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations.

marilyn said...

Congrats !!!! You did good girl, but then
again knew you would.

Thearica said...

Beautiful quilt deserving of the award! :)

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