Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful WHAT we pretend to be"

Kurt Vonnegut

Well, since Imma such good lil actress, I should do fine!!! Today, I shall pretend to be a victorious quilter! The infamous five are done dude! Onward says I and pack the shop! I wont cry (much) and I will be bigger and better in a bit! As you can see I have already packed quite a bunch. The studio is beginning to sound so hollow. This has been the best one so far. Very comfortable, efficient and the acoustics and lighting near perfect. The design wall wasnt too good as you can see thread all over from black . I think my best design wall was brown felt. :::thinkin::: Know what? I dont even KNOW if I will have enogh room for a design wall now! Truly one of the biggest leaps of faith I can remember taking.. Except for that one time I braved a mountain with 2 babies , in the snow, pulling a trailer.. just to get to get home to my mama...lol youth... Oh wait.. there was that time I flew off to NYC with only 400 bucks in my wallet? WHAT? I REALLY wanted to go to the Rainbow Room and see the skyline! And we did!:: ok, I'm an idiot.
I take 2 quilts with me, a barter and a custom.. but for now I need to concentrate on getting settled. I have heard from the LQS that many are awaiting my arrival! That's so cool isn't it? Gives one hope.
My BFF's are anxious for a stitch & Bitch night date.. That's very cool too. I am ever grateful for the support.
I think I need a short break for a coffee run. I am out of everything here! Its ok, until u mess with the coffee canister or wine decantors..... grunt. Will keep ya posted..
Love yer guts,


Vicki W said...

Congrats on the big finish and I hope the move goes very smoothly.

Miss Jean said...

Just one step at a time!!!

Karen said...

Just wanted to say how touched I am by your blog. I think 1) that you currently live in one of the most beautiful places on god's good earth and I would love to live in or near SLO. 2) I constantly feel the "tug" to go home (NY) to be closer to my birth family. I am torn by the need to be near my kids (Calif) and the yearning urge to go back to my roots.
One day/minute/second at a time and you'll be where you need to be.

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