Monday, October 18, 2010

Got Comfort Food? M & M's

"I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing."

 Rabbi Hillel

Mornin`. Imma grumbler this morning, reader beware? How was your week end? I had a yard sale in the rain. Reminicent of one my bff and I had before we flew off to NYC for the hell of it. Wow... Those were the
I didnt move any of the big furniture, so its going with me. I shall stuff it all into my lil Condo and hope for the best. I gotta tell ya... I am more nervous than a kitten with her tail under a rocking chair. THATS an understatement. I am so too old for this much change. I was supposed to be doing other things right about ow. The older I get, the more I learn that I have absolutley no control over the changes in the universe. PERIOD. It must be Gods way of keeping me humble? Pppfftt ( I gots issues). Hey did I tell you that I quit the pshyc doctor on steroids? Yeh.... I had enough. She wasnt helping much. I think she should hang a sign on her door. DIVORCE 101. I really dont need that. I need a whole bunch of work, sure I do.. but that just wasnt it.  I will find another one, cause I wont give up. Maybe I will just blog it out... you poor
What else is going on? Well... the house is half packed, the shop maybe a fourth... I cant break it down yet. Im still working. I am completley blown away each and everythime I wake up and come down a bare family hall wall. Its just unbelievable, and really real. Shit. I have a craving for comfort food. Maybe a chicken fried steak or pork chops... shepards pie.... ummmmm ( bad way to change the channel, but it sure works! LOL) I actually had to run myself out of groceries so that I would STOP cooking so much! I realize it brings me comfort to cook, so I solved that problem! I am not even boiling eggs!
It's going to be a wild couple weeks dear peoples... I will write when I can, and let you know when I land.
M & M's
Soooo hard these
*Gloria checking on me a lot!
*BFF's in the box
*The fantastic PIQF win
* No machine problems while driving fast!
*The music in my shop


marilyn said...

Keep on grumbling, that's a good sign.
Fitting all the furniture into your condo
will work out fine, just ask me I'm good
at fitting my big ass into stuff that is
too small. LOL Will be waiting for the
next leg of the new adventure.

Carol said...

You are a wonderful inspiration for change - whether you want the changes or not - they come and you know how to survive and thrive! Thank you!!!

Thearica said...

I am keeping you in thought Gina...and praying that you will land safely on both feet and end up stronger than you ever thought you possibly could...

My number is on my website. if you need a shoulder, please call me. I have always been told I am a good listener.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I am making may way over for a visit because a dear friend shared your blog with me. Sometimes a good bucket of KFC or a box of Hot Tamales gets me through a difficult time. Then I regret it when the old zipper refuses to budge upwards!

Sending you a ((hug)) from Modesto.


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