Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Croc Cat

This isnt Master Simba, however I know NOW why I chose an orange monster!
 It was already in my mind photo memory bank!!!

This insane spawn of satan :::ISOS:::is a hoot!
He makes me laugh so many times a day that its ridiculous! I mean belly laugh! He is non stop hunting, fighting, flipping, YOWLING. If he isnt with his humans or at least Ginger, he is screaming his lungs out to find one of us! What good medicine belly laughs are. I almost forgot. The laser light toy was three dollars well spent. Simba will chase this thing as long as my thumb holds out. Its cool because while we watch evening TV, we can excercise the cat! He can scale a wall, leap tall shelves in a single bound, spaz out in every direction and I think he is having a seizure! And just as quickly he will pass out on your lap. Beware I say, I may be becoming attached to a ..............CAT?

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