Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't Let The Road Called Someday Lead To A Town Called Nowhere

Wordy... but at least its not about Osama. Or Obama!

Marvelous Mondays is nothing more than an attitude of gratitude.  Capturing the moments of magic ( and they ARE there) I actually only list 7 every Monday, where everyone Im sure has 50 or more. It simply keeps me humble, grateful, and proud. The bucket is half full dear friends, and I plan on filling it up!
Why? You ask am I discussing THIS as opposed to Osama's death? Well two reasons.
1. It doesnt matter where you turn you can hear that message in any form. Good, bad, or sceptical. PASS.
2. I've been receiving very nice emails regarding the win in best in show recently, and also my determination to be O.K.A.Y. It would seem that many of you think I should be crying in my beer 24/7. Not true. I have a choice, and again I say, so do you.
I betcha it was Ma that did it. Second only to God that is. Even though she succumb to the hopelessness at the end of her life, she didnt always feel that way. She taught me that change is ever changing and that it was entirely up to me to deal with the cards that had been dealt. :::Yes she liked Poker:::
Here's a positive spin on change. It keeps us sharp enough to stave off Alzheimers or the like! Involvement in life ( as opposed to checking out::: might keep me at the 50 mark. ( work with me here K?) I much prefer to stay up on current trends than to lose interest and tune into the Game Show Network for the rest of my life. It might be tomorrow, damn... how did I spend my time yesterday? Did I challenge myself to be a better Woman? Did I love well? Was I loved well? Did my DQL hold all that I wanted it to, despite any curve ball thrown at me?
Adaption isnt always easy. Not by a long shot. I believe it necessary for good mental health. Lord knows I have fought that change a time or two:::or ten:::, I even have many blocks of real time still blacked out. I work on this daily. I pray about it constantly. I KNOW that I will be O.K.A.Y.
Thanks, as always for your messages cheering me on. And no worries, I will always be in your corners too!

Marvelous Mondays Include:

You know................ Best in show!!!
A wonderful walk through the seven sisters quilt show with Linda
Mufasa's help in retrieving my blank memories of horrid days.
Matt & Jackies caring love across the miles
A surprise See's Candy gift of Molasses chips! (grunt)
Purring. more on that later.
Daydreams of wellness.

Do it NOW, then celebrate= capture the pride u feel. What have u done today to make u feel proud?
I think I will quilt divinely!

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Rian said...

No matter how bumpy the road is, there is always SOMETHING that is good. Ya can't give up.

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