Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Introducing A New Family Member (I THINK)

Not sure Ginger has total acceptance yet.:::or me:::

Meet Simba!
 Son of Mufasa!
( I see you shaking your head with a chuckle on the side!)

D.O.B. March 8, 2011, Cambria, ca
First born of 7 lovely alley cats.
A very little tyke!
He has huge paws and pretty green eyes.
I personally wanted a Persian, or no! A Savannah! A Serval! 
But my wallet said free is better.
I wanted to name him Simon, however he is quite a little lion and Simba suits him well.

He better be as smart as he is wild.
He better always know where his "go go" box lives.
He better be kind to my Ginger.
He better love everyone after his kitten time.
He must be a dedicated & devoted entertainer.
There will be no kitty long arming allowed.
Thread is off limits. Its MY stash.
Parasites and hair balls will not be tolerated.

I hunt for him daily. Yesterday time lost, 2.5 hours.
 It would seem he is an up and coming quilter, as he was found in the batting roll.
This behavior is not normal as he is usually speed racer, claws out, razor sharp teeth in everyones body.
I should have named him :::Spawn of Satan::::
I threaten him hourly with going to live with Aunt Kelly who is a cat lover. In fact, I call her hourly for tips on how to handle this little lion beast of ours.
One of my books suggests one of many ways to deal with change/stress is to introduce a new family pet.
 I want a Golden Doodle. See above reasons why the heck I cant have one. I have a goal. Next spring.
Know what? If I had caretakers, I think I may have a Noahs Ark! No really! I would have a red rooster, some chickens, a Nanny Goat, a couple horses... A peacock, and an entire bird sanctuary!
Bad girl.

I much prefer the 30 minute hunt of this morning to find him snoozing on Mom's Sewing basket. Yep. He's a quilter. He may be able to stay.

PS: Ya thought I was kidding the other day about whats next kittens and chocolate?? LOL



Lynn Douglass said...

I was never a cat person either, Gina! That was before Oscar. I'm also living the kitten experience with Shamus, and I'm loving it! Entertainment like you wouldn't believe! I now have a special affection for orange cats. My son tells me that I'm going to end up being a crazy old cat lady. LOL! Simba is a very lucky kitty!

Prairie Girl said...

Oh I love kitties... esp tiger kitties... Some of my best ones were alley cats and kitties left in a ditch...
Hugs to you both

Vicki W said...

We had a yellow alley cat growing up and we loved him. Good luck with those rules though!

Sallie said...

I get to (grand)cat sit this weekend! I already know a few of her hiding places - behind the books in the bookcase, in the bathroom cabinet - I hope I don't lose her!

Rian said...

I'm totally a dog person, but the little furball IS cute.

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