Monday, May 16, 2011

MM Afternoons

"Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you."
 Dr. Wayne Dyer

Afternoon! Sorry I'm late:) Already iced tea time! Wine 30. I was speed racer as soon as I came down the stairs. Much to do on a Monday! I think I should set Mondays up for a permanent day off myself. Errand running, housekeeping, etc. I hate that guilt feeling of not quilting or not housekeeping! All this running around and STILL I didnt drop off my domestic machine to be serviced. Grunt.
I am so close to being done with my Japo quilt I can taste it!:::why do I crave won ton soup now?::: Then I have beauties to attend to! New York that is! Red white and blue at that! Ill put up pics asap.Its a serious stunner! One of my BFF's is a perfect piecer and this one shows her off well!
Do you know its raining again? WTH? I had to go and make Chicken and Dumplins again just because of it! I should be grilling!( or someone should eh?) I want one of those Santa Maria BBQ style grills. The kind that burn nice aromatic oak wood. Ummmmm There isnt much that I dont want for the patio, for sure. I'm working on it. The plants are so gorgeous in bloom, and I have 14 pea sized lemons on the dwarf tree!!! Can ya believe it? One poor cherry tomato on that bush. It needs more heat me thinks. I have the most fun window shopping the nurseries right now. Wish list in tow. Oneeee good lottery ticket, thats all I need.
OK, I better make some dumplins... thanks for the chat, hope your Monday was marvelous!

M & M's Include:

I hate it when I dont feel gratitude's right away! dang it!
Ok, hang on....

A great stitch n Bitch night
Lots of UFO's to tangle with
the lemons!!!!!
NOT the scratches all over me from the insane kitten
So much thread, so little time.
the new HVAC Unit!
Almond crossaint sneaks.

sigh... I knew I could do it!

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