Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Matchmaker Me?

Good morning. Hows your coffee? I'm on my second cuppa and feel chatty... alert the media!
Want to hear my latest Lucy move? Ok, First of all, I have wanted a red Standard Poodle for many years but I have not been stable enough to manage this. I thought that i would find myself a mini golden doodle half the size and be happy there. MONEY is a huge issue with bringing a new family member in eh? So... what did I do? I got a freebie kitten. WTH is wrong with me? Now we both know that there is a void never to be filled, however Mr. Wizard does think that new fur babies to nuture is healing in its own way. ( COOL! PERMISSION GRANTED!) While Simba the lion kitten and I have become fast friends, still I search for a Ginger clone. SHE has got to be the best dog on the planet eh? Everyone should be so lucky to have such a little devoted love in their life.
One day, one sappy feeling day, I found the perfect teddy bear doodle. Red, smallish, fuury, and 2,200 DOLLARS. 

Now, I'm trying to become stable, rebuild, reboot, re do... and I have secured a designer dog? NO! Where's an Ethel when I need one? I spent 5 days trying to get out of the mess that I had made, and then it hit me. If what I would like is a Ginger clone, why not find a fiance for her? She is now 4 years old, and this would be the latest that I would allow her to carry a litter. But. Who in the world would be good enough  for her? I realize that i am a bit bias on the subject, however she does have a beautiful pedigree and like I said, you cannot beat her temperament, healthiness, and poodle confirmation. So... off I go to find a stud. Yesterday, brought victory!  Meet Ginger's Fiance` Sir Rico Suave!

Rico has an outstanding champion pedigree and is well suited to our Gin. I showed her his photo and she licked it. Approval. We sang Matchmaker matchmaker and danced around the patio.
::why yes, I am certifiable, thanks::::
They will meet ::::& marry::::: in August. In October we will have little Ginny's running round! By Christmas, I will be able to give Aviana her very own poodle to love. (ssshhh) Now I must speak to Ms Gin about delivery dates so she doesnt mess up my MQX Portland conferance in October! Happy Birthday is a comin!
(please you peoples do not allow me to keep them all ok?)
 Im not thrilled with new pup training in winter as its a big enough job as it is without adding rain in the mix. I remember the days of teethering her to my side and spending every 45 minutes in the mist, potty training miss priss.
Mini Poodles are hearty and husky. Unlike Toy poodles. Someday, my Standard will come. maybe five years. We will see. For now, A new mini will be a blessing:)

Remember this? Four years ago
What a ride.


Prairie Girl said...

I LOVE it.... now do me, do me!...I'm a good fit for a rancher in his 40's to early 50's, who's kind, considerate, easy enough on the eyes. I like working cattle, will drive the tractor occasionally.. can live happily in the middle of nowhere...a good kisser would be nice, just sayin'..

Okay, seriously... I can't wait for the baby pics!
Love you!

Vicki W said...

That was a great solution! Maybe you can make some money from it! Puppy training will keep you young. :)

Linda said...

Yup, you're certifiable--I say this having "trained" a puppy in the winter in Alberta--minus 20 being the common temperature. Poor puppy would go out with me and just look at me like--are you nuts? It was not an easy training, I'll tell ya! However, congratulations on your new families--enjoy and enjoy and enjoy! Lucky Avi!
Lurking Linda

chris.freeman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Sarah Bear said...

certifiable. the end.

Anonymous said...

Lol@ all yall... chris too!

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