Monday, May 9, 2011

Post Mother's Day Wishes

Happy Mother's Day Belated peoples:)
 I was hiding out. Who makes up these commemorative holidays anyway? I think they are designed to freak people out myself. Everyone really, from the restaurants to the Husbands and Fathers, to the Mothers who have holes in their hearts. Even the adult kids scurry to "do the right thing". Seems like those little kids have the most fun loving up on Mommies eh? Sure, there are some good ones (Holiday) in your lifetime, but there are some bad eh? Anyone keeping track? I have had several of both and do not wish to keep track! LOL
I felt bad for the servers at a local brunch that we went to yesterday. A noticeable Mother herself, panicked and worn out. Her boss? Equally as unnerved. I remember those days too. Every Mother on the planet wants ( expects) to be queen for a day and its just not realistic.
I wonder if some churches have it right when they say they will not go out to eat on Sunday because it makes other people "work" for them. Hmmmm I think I want to move on. Click
So its Monday. Guess what? Taking yesterday off has doubled my Monday workload! Oh snap, Im not discussing that anymore am I?
I am still working on my Japanese beauty quilt. I must admit that I have been dragging my hands on it. No clue as to why. Well, maybe. I was pre occupied getting ready to participate in the sunken gardens event on Saturday. It was fun, and it is done. PHEW! I think I got too much sun because my face is broken out and itchy! Grunt.
I need to make my list and move my behind. Its funny how we strive to get to the week end all accomplished..... to do?????? 
Have a great work week dear blog readers:)

M & M's include:

One lonely Pandora bead from my Avi who didnt remember giving it! LOL
Sunken Garden day.
MQX planning!
Montreal wishes.
That stupid kittens purr.
Gingers adoring eyes.
Mufasa support for the above M & Ms.

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Here Here on all of it!!!

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