Thursday, February 16, 2012


Good morning....Wanna discuss eggs today? Come on....why not right? You peoples KNOW how I think best while cooking or quilting yes? Well, first, a disclaimer. This new Ms Wizard has me thinking till I'm blinking! Twitching even. It feels as tho I am working on a thesis for Petes sake.. Its all good.
I could say that I boil eggs for the whole protein snack idea.
 I could say that its just a carried over normalcy from child rearing days. When every mothers son comes running over for a happy egg. ( Koolaid Mom Syndrome)
I COULD say that I love to have my baby grands poke their lil heads in the fridge and snatch a  tickle without getting scolded.
I could say that I dont want any confusion over fresh eggs or cooked eh? I have mopped up a few splats in my life.
I could just not analyze at all and say thats HERES SOME DANG EGGS.
I think that I have figured it out though. Its just me? Always plugged in, or unplugged, however anyone would see it. Its different, its functional, its normal, and it makes everyone who opens that door have a tickle. Thats special. It makes loved ones feel just THAT much more special on any given day of the week, for no apparent reason. So when I bang pots and pans, boil eggs, make huge Terranova Tornado messes, its just who I am. She fed her family, and she feels full. Why question it at all?
Next Generation of Tickle Searchers

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Love the Happy Eggs, great idea . I keep opening
the fridge to get my tickle LOL.

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