Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Vow

Very touching film! Believeable for me totally:) I didnt think I would like a sappy movie, but I did indeed. And frankly, I havent like one since the Notebook! ( which in some ways this reminded me of....) This was based on a true story, and God bless that patient Man!
Rachel was far better an actor in this than she was in Wedding Crashers. I think she is just adorable. But.. sure made me feel old. Actually, I have been having far too many de ja vu's at the theatre. I should stop going. On the other hand, not much isnt recalling memories, so be it... Roll with it right?
Heres a tip: One really shouldnt go to see a smoochie love film on Valentines day without a Valentine in tow! I had June. We had fun. But...Jis sayin`......

We had a great time for dinner at Cal Terra. They may have thought we were a COUPLE? Our names were even printed on our menu! Hysterical fun for sure! Couple A Quilters we are!!!


Cassandra said...

I am so behind on what's available to watch in theaters. This is the first mention I've heard of this movie so I had to go look it up. My husband is on the other side of the room, heard the trailer, and offered to take me to the theater even though he doesn't like sappy movies and he doesn't like Rachel McAdams. That man spoils me. ;)

Thanks for posting about it!!

Marilyn said...

Glad that you enjoyed your day, the movie sounds
like a good one.

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