Monday, February 20, 2012


Late gratitudes for this marvelous monday! I could have made a tell alll tuesday?
Did you have a nice holiday week end?  I was sent to see the kids:) and I liked it! Does wonders to restore breath eh? I sure needed it too. Thanks kids. we had a great BBQ one night, we sang,danced, cooked, and Art sharpened all of my knives! bonus! Coffee with my heather, a valentine from sarah! and one from bec too! and then an amazing asian seafood fest the next... heres a picture of my first batch of oysters! I ate so many that I nearly popped! I really should have been a mermaid. The girls kept up with me too!Little mermaids! lol Now its back to the real world. Well...........You just read my gratitudes for this week!

Heres to my Women:)

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