Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Missing Ma

"You don't kind of let go, you don't kind of ride waves. 
You either ride them or you don't." 
 Laird Hamilton

Mornin` coffee through a straw today. Be gentle with me. I am busy all day, and still have trouble getting, and staying asleep. I tried Melotonin. It didnt work. No coffee, no tea... maybe just some hot lemon water sometimes, but its bugging me for sure. Send tips:)
Do you remember what today is? How could you forget! Ma left us today. She is taking care of Jamie for me. I bet she taught him how to play Hollywood Rummy. I miss her, but you know, we talk often. Which is more than I can say for me and Munz eh... I might bust out one of her recipes today, we shall see. I'm sewing and watching the rain. Last night before the rain came, there was a fabulous warm breeze blowing the chimes round. I turned everything off just to give a listen. Small but meaningful happy moments. Hey... that Pinterest site is addicting! I have found many items for my vision board and also pinned some of my own! Its fun! ( ya gotta love healthy distractions eh?)
I'm off to create! Love yer guts!


sally said...

Melatonin has been helpful for me -- natural, non-addictive, and not real expensive.

Marilyn said...

Good Idea, cook something your Mom loved and
a glass of wine to toast her love for you. Sorry,
no ideas about the sleep, a walk to the beach
would be what I would love. But sadly no
beaches near me.

Anonymous said...

I take 2 Benadryl each night before bed. Puts me to sleep.

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