Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Safe House-Movie View

Alert the media! Twice in one month??? Theres hope for my dumbass!I enjoyed the film, and  I'll tell you why.
I very much likened it to a new and exciting episode of 24!!!

Dirty CIA operatives, and of course rouge denzel, convincing the newbie reynolds he is near the same fate. I was on the edge of my seat and had I had any popcorn I am sure it would have been in the air several times. I so like a movie that doesnt allow me to predict the very next scene. Twists and turns all over keeping me like i said, on the edge not only phsyically but mentally as well! One of my favorite Denzel traits is his ability to show me "thinking" while quiet.I can see his wheels turning, and in this film, try as I may, I couldnt predict that thought process at all. I didnt hold much hope for reynolds, but damed if he didnt pull of a good supportive roll. Unlike many reviews, I say Kudos for entertaing me!

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