Monday, February 27, 2012

MM I Quilt Therfore I Am!

"Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is.
 The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."
– Virginia Satir

Ah, the Marvelous Monday posts... You wonder how I can keep it up dont you? Yeh, me too.
I watched Fellowship of the Rings last evening. I took with me one thought.
How is my time left best served?
 It not only haunts me, but reminds me of a dearly loved song. Con Los Anos Que Me Quedon. ( Gloria Estefan)
 What will I do with the years I have left?
How is my time best served?
 What do I care if the Grapevine is closed or if Rick Santorum takes the lead? ( oh, sorry, brain flip )
I digress. I dont freaking KNOW and I WANT to! How can I keep revisiting the "Whats it all about Alphie" theory? DAMN IT!
Ok, back to entry question... I can keep this blog because it is and for a very long time longer part of JUST me. For some strange reason, I can help others. Whether a smile or more important info. Be it a train of thought, a change of state, or a new methodology to try. Your emails say that I help a little. For that I keep going. For those of you grieving, please know that you are in my prayers daily and I appreciate you too. For you novice quilters or Mommys... I love ya! Im here for you! For those suffering the same crapola I am... you give ME strength too!
Love isnt love til you share it. I'm nobody special, I just have a love to share. What I leave behind as Eleanor says. When I am old I want to have a "knowing" that I gave what was given to me. Well, except for the SHIT SANDWICHES... ROFL.. I dont wish to share those.
Anyway, Todays M M is for my readers, my emailers, my peoples in the box. Together we will get through this.  Love yer guts as always!

MM's include:

MY Peeps in and out of the box
My childrens love, help, and respect
Avi calling after school to tell me a new tale
Pinterest to dream with
Lord Of The Rings! W.O.W.
Good ole fashioned Kindness!

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