Monday, February 13, 2012

Ms. Wizard Says........

Morning. I have been doing homework all week and I gotta tell ya, I am quite perplexed about the New Ms. Wizard.Do you peoples remember when the "click" theory of mine was born? A way to change the channel in my brain and NOT WRITE about dancing with the demons in my mind. Therefore not to go down the road from hell all the time? Brilliant right????   Ok... So listen up.
Four years later I am told that this could be construed as avoidance rather than healing!!!! WTH? Wait! That bares repeating. WTH!!!???!!!
I explained how the theory works. I told her how it helps. I re iterated how I DO NOT like bummer blogs in any way. Or bummer thoughts, talks, writes.. I dont like it!
She remains steadfast in that I wasn't completely walking through the fire. Alone or otherwise. She has me working on the book. Without the clicks. Frankly, I'm having a good deal of trouble doing it. You should see my nightstand! I feel like a writer! LMAO!
Wish me luck Dear Blog Readers! HOED ON!
PS: I do not agree with said observation. I contend that changing ones "state" as quickly as possibly allows them a quick recovery, therfore thwarting off Mountainous Meltdowns!
But I will comply, for awhile.

I nearly forgot my gratitudes for this week! SEE!!!!!

MM's include:

Anonomous gifts
This new lil juicy pen for my jotting
those boots! DAMN WHAT A RUSH!
Aviana calls from the bathroom
Pen Pals
NOT dead treadmills
dreams of Hobbit holes to nap in

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