Thursday, October 16, 2008

2000 Miles Logged For Birthday 2008

I have so much to talk about that I cant figure out where to begin? Do I tell you in order about mine and Ethels adventures in the first 1000 miles? How about the next 1000 alone with my thoughts? :::insert and OMG:::: How about my Dads hospital stay of late? YOU DO KNOW that they are rebuilding him... making him the bionic man.. I had Blima doing a guest appearance on my own soap opera life... she enjoyed watching all my kids make a birthday dinner for us. I want to tell you all about the actual birthday of the 11th and our dinner out and flowers all over.... I need to tell you about the AMAZING performance of Celine Dione at Arco Arena... and my TOE story... Also, a terrific estate sale find last saturday!!! Ginger having her special time and leaving her intended at the isle cause her human Momma was out having a good time! I think we need a bunch of separate blogabouts here. For today ( or right now) I shall say that I feel like a dishrag, a clean one:) But a dishrag none the less.. IM gonna do laundry and re-group. Its been a whirlwind couple weeks, and I will savor every good moment for a very long time. I managed to make it through a few cemetary stops and told Jamie all about things... A very wierd tree happening over there I must tell you about too. ( this is fastly turning out to be a TO DO LIST eh?
EH?????????????????? :::snicker to Blim::: Good Thursday morning to all, and how did you get through Marvelous Mondays without me?
To Be Continued......................................

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Desert Threads said...

I forgot your bday!!! I am so sorry but happy birthday anyhow.

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