Monday, October 6, 2008

Incline Village and no Jackpots yet! (edited)

Hey from me, over here in Lake Tahoe where the wine is fine, the company is great and the pictures are to follow!!!
We are winding our way around the lake daily, and between the two of us cannot figure out how to get the camera chip to work in the dang lap top!!!
Having fun, relaxing, chatting in real time, and wishing on slot machines too:) Will post more when we can, hope all is well in blogland:)


Freda said...

Keep on having fun Gina. Sounds like you are having a great time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gina! It sounds like you are having a great time! I'm happy for you!! BeckyP

Anonymous said...

What restaurant is Blima at??? does it have a massive fireplace as soon as you go down the stairs to the restaurant??? Curious mind would like to know..

Karen a.

DearGina said...

Yes Karen, its the Hyatt at Incline Village.. Gorgeous fire pits all over:) I will go back!

Anonymous said...

I got married at that restaurant...right in front of that fireplace. Biggest mistake I've ever made!!! Oh well, life goes on.


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