Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Velvet Duvet Cover-Turned Quilt

This was an Eastern King Beautiful etched velvet duvet cover with a satin backing. Some of you know that I struggled nightly trying to "love" it, which I did not. It slipped, it slid, the sumptous down comforter wouldnt stay put inside, and it made NOISES! NOISES! yes! Made me ::more::: mental than I already am. So one night, instead of throwing it off the deck like I made Walt do to the fan ( a later blog) I decided to re-make it to my specifications. Now, mind you, I hunted down the perfect colored bed cover. Very plum, very elegant, but very pita. (And it was a real bargain too!) :::cough cough:::
I thought well hell, if I can remake old quilts, why cant I remake new ones?
:::TIP::: reconstructing quilts are like remodelling a home. Its harder by far!!!::::::
I opened up the cover and threw the backing away. I laughed a cynical laugh as I headed to the trash can. Walt didnt. I saw him with his checkbook in his hand trying to find the evidence. ( I laughed even more) I gave away the sumptous down inside. Happily! I kept the velvet piping on in order to quilt easier, actually, clueless as to what I would do next. I loaded it with a divine cotton backing. A most elegant european print. I sandwiched with a lightweight poly ( 4 0z) because the velvet would be heavy enough, and I wanted to play a little on the texture, without density. Quilting only the outline, inside and out, of each design, I was satisfied. Now to that pesky piping......I decided that self binding was the best approach. ( I think it may have been Dy who suggested that.) By hand, 1 inch. I didnt bother to miter the corners, this Works for me fine. Its not finished being stitched down, I work on it a little each night, but its on our bed, and let me tell you it has made all the differance in the world! No NOISE! No slippery sliding BUNCHING up around the poor dog!
Walt said, "Hey Babe! I love it now too!" I replied with the same cynical laugh.... I toll ya and I toll ya... a happy wife, is a happy life!


Vicki W said...

Isn't it nice when sonething actually turns out as planned? It's beautiful!

Desert Threads said...

Gorgeous!! You done good girl!

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