Thursday, October 2, 2008

Farmers Mkt Day

Today was a fast and furious day of running errands and searching for red peppers for our pepper fest on Saturday. We didnt have alot of luck because Marshalls side tracked us? We found matching Jammies and cool fall boots... Yummy placemats in beads, and OF COURSE amazing finds in the little girls department. (Im not sayin nuffin).

SLO Farmers market boast more than 70 venders every Thursday evening! There is live music down each block, and food cooking on every corner. We had a great time walking and people watching, smelling flowers and squeezing veggies:) We were victorious in our pepper search ( 5th try) and man are our peppers gonna be good THIS year!Pics below are of one way of the street, our 40 peppers to BBQ and marinate. Its a fun and delicious, and I cant wait to show you!
Blim did manage to get in a bit of cooking midway through our day. She made her infamous Hummous for me, fantastic roasted plum tomatoes, and even cookies for Ginger. ( who knew?)
Tomorrow we will leave early for the Gilroy Outlets, meeting up with yet another speed shopper, Bettyanne. I'm in hope of keeping you posted!


Anonymous said...

way way too much fun going on here! i'm jealous. enjoy!

Lynn Douglass said...

Collin and his friends go down to the farmer's market every Thursday. Look for a tall kid that looks like me! Oy!

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