Monday, October 27, 2008

Marvelous Mondays in Oct

I dont EVER forget, I just get scatter brained sometimes. It doesnt matter though what kind of a day I'm having. I still stop to smell the roses. I had a most productive week end knockiing out 3 quilts and working more on Walts YIKES. Its never going to be done is it? I would love to make Christmas quilts for everyone, but I think its a bit ambitious dont you? I mean its end of october!! If I was a bit more organized in the studio.. meaning if all my stashes were organized, I might be able to accomplish a gift or two! I was reading Dianahs blog tonight and I cannot believe how much she and others get done... runnig circles around me I swear! It doenst matter what kind of a strategic plan I make, I seem to fall short of my own goals. ( accept for this I did it!!!) I generally have Plans A, B, C, etc throughout my day. Today I was out of town, so I planned on doing 2 blocks before nights end.. I managed 1 and a half due to a plan B of learning new computer programs... Heather? You know much about Dreamweaver? omgoodness... Building websites are no easy task.Tomorrow is Tuesday, Plan A is already on paper... wish me luck:)

* New Beginnings
* Great computer programs
*A teacher in the family
* Friends near and far
* Hope
*Micro handles on my Greta for zoning while stippling
*My black wedgy boots with square toes. ( makes me smile)

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