Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Scary Halloween?

First of all, BUMMER that I wont be with the grands tonight, I hope web cam comes on:(

Secondly, here's how to scare the hell out of me on Halloween.....................

Systematically close all my favorite Shops, & Stops!
No kidding! Here is the list of closed stores in JUST the past month!

InStitches Quilt Shop !!!! ( Cayucos)
Royal Doulton Gilroy ( I told ya about this nightmare)
Disney Outlet ( poor grands)
Geoffrey Beene (Poor Walt)
Van Hueson (sp chk)
Bass Shoe outlet
Starbucks x 2
Mervyns, ( dont care for anyway, but u know...)
Linens and things, ( OMG!!!)
Ole` Paris ( yard art)
2 local thrift shops, (name escapes me, I must be traumatized)
Many more that I dont frequent!!!

If Marshalls goes down, I may run down the street NEKKED! I'm telling ya, its scaring me! Whats going on??? I have it on good authority that 2 OTHER quilt shops are in danger and considering closure. THIS my friends, is bound to trickle down and hurt my own job! I am already brainstorming new and innovative marketing ideas! Stay tuned. CLOSURES LIST
This blog was written today in direct channel changing form. ( for those of you who have asked to learn how its done)
What really scares me isnt fit for print, but I'm certain that you can figure it out. I would rather think happy thoughts ( LOL, SORTA?) of OTHER things. Choices.
My thoughts are with you today Ronda, and with me.. but they are being remoted on an hourly basis. CLIC.

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