Saturday, October 11, 2008

Did I Mention Outlet Shopping?

How many outlets can you actually HIT in one week? OK
The answer is 6!! count em 6!!! Truckee, Pismo, Tahoe, Vacaville, Gilroy, Folsom OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! The ONLY thing stopping Blima is baggage weight at the airport, and the only thing stopping me is...well.... THERE WASNT!!

We had so much fun.... Ok, facts...

Geoofrey Beene is closing its doors along with Van Huesen, and Bass, 9 Starbucks, and a few no names... what does this mean you ask? 75 PERCENT off already slashed outlet prices!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! Walt got bunches of new clothes, belts, and accessories, so did Mike and Jeff.... I got VERY cute shoes, ( see pic) and blima bought the Ann Taylor store!

Bettyanne met us at the Gilroy out letets where she scored with Dolce and Gabanna glass and some new undies:) We were so happy to spend some time with her:)

At the Tahoe outlets, blima scored with Nine West Shoes and other chit:)

Now...lemme tell you why this was so many outlets to hit.. I mean... HOW it all came obout K?

Can You Say Royal Doulton???? Do you remember my dishes on Blimas last trip here? Wellllllll

I had a sense. I had a sixth sense. On the way to Gilroy I couldnt stop whining to Blim about being late, store not having my dishes...yada yad yada.....

IT WAS REALLY TRUE!!!!! Royal Doulton was flipping out of business in Gilroy!!! As we pulled up to the store, I was nervous. Blima walked over to see.. sure enough, the damn store was gone and with it all hope for ever finding our dish patterns, Vintage Orchard, and Provence Noir.

We spent the day shopping, but in the back of my mind I was plotting a course for wherever the hell we had to drive to tomorrow to GET OUR DISHES. My sis needs 4 dinner plates.... I need 4 mugs... :::wink Karen::: Blima needed .... more!!

When we arrived home late evening, after a really good retail therapy session with my girls, I got online and found 2, count em 2 Royal Doulton Outlets in the whole state left open! I checked fligths to Las Vegas... to damned high for short notice.. I checked hotels for reservations to drive and stay but Tahoe wouldnt let me out of our commitment. So...........................

I said Blim? We are scooping the California coast6line and going to Vacaville. She of course said... " Where the F.. I mean Hell is vacaville? No worries Woman, I will get us there.

We began out trek at 7:00 am, Tahoe bound... outlet bound.... just going.

I cant tell you what a relef it was 5 hours later to find the Royal Doulton store open, AND HAD OUR CHIT. We speed shopped an entire corner. ( because of course Geoffrey Beene is going out of business rememeber?) And we found a CROC outlet too! Omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

So with the planets again aligned we headed toward Lake Tahoe again... feeling very victorious indeed. We called Sis, and had her join us at PF Changs for lunch, and gave her her 4 last dinner plates. She loved us:)
Up the hill we went in search of Quilt Shops and outlets, Slot machines and fine dining..... Life is good.


Desert Threads said...

Did you leave anything in the stores for other people????

Anonymous said...

OMG! Sounds like you are definitely doing your part to spur the economy onward.

So good to see you laughing and smiling!


Anonymous said...

I used to buy Geoffrey Beene's classic cut jeans. Then after some time they decided not to make them any more...UH EXCUSE ME - they are your CLASSIC CUT...which means they are timeless not come to dead end before I'm done loving 'em! I couldn't believe...they fell in my eyes ever since...They were awesome jeans...and I miss them terribly.

Karen A.

Anonymous said...

My goodness woman! How can the economy be failing with all that shopping going on? I'm glad you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Your having way too much fun! I want to come shopping with you. :)

Nancy H

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