Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Love With Hand Dyes-Batiks

Well, thats no big secret I suppose, I just wanted to yell it this morning, thats all. I love em, I cant wait to find new ones I hadnt seen! I love to touch them, press them, fold them, stitch upon them! They are just so organically appealing to me! Recently, I have fallen for a pattern that I cant seem to put down called YIKES! I am now making YIKES blocks until I fall into bed! I wish to make these quilts for everyone I know and I have no idea why? Its just fun! Nothing special mind you, just revised courthouse steps, or jelly roll pieces, but I swear I cant get enough of it. I think I will turn them into memory quilts with centers being photographs... small or large, kind of a wheres Waldo look... hunt down your favorite photo!

(It's really not easy being me)

Heres a couple of em to show you... I found this awesome dye for a backing for Walts YIKES its very GEO and full of stars! ( navy edges, 4 1/2 center on one) Did you see that really cool Koi Fish at the top? SO YUMMY I TELL YA!

Maybe................I could turn my journal/Nickel quilt into this... instead of a calendar, make it a yikes...hmmmmmm OKAY, Alert! stop sending nickels, and just send Hand dyes/batiks!! LOLOL Even though Batiks are a PITA to quilt on, I just cant get over the natural look I love, therefore, I must tame them during quilting yes? Of course yes.Do you see that I'm not on those table runners yet? Sheesh... I'm going, I'm going...I wish I had some chinese food for lunch though... OMG Gina!


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Anonymous said...

I quilted one of these this week.....and now I know the pattern name. I think this is a very forgiving pattern that you can use what you already have cut. I love working with hand-dyed's and batiks.....they handle so much nicer than regular cotton. I look forward to seeing "Yikes" completed.

Karen L

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