Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Cobra Idea

Good mornin`. I was having a thought. Go figure. With all of this talk about the lost Cobra in New York, its been bugging me. In the photo below you see our growing rock garden. Do you peoples remember the wine tree trunk on my walls in past? It held six bottles of wine? Well, I decided when I moved here not to keep any wine on walls again, however I have a sentimental spot for this darn tree trunk! Mufasa and I purchased it in Monterey an eternity ago. I need to keep it. I could be an up and coming hoarder, who knows. Anyway, this morning the news of course again is either Libya, Cobra, or sunshine. I walked out onto the patio wondering where the lil snakester might be hiding and very happy it was just about five thousand miles away. Then it hit me. In a few short months I could have snakes right here in my own back yard! As my blurry eyes scanned the hillside full of good hiding places for snakes it made me wonder if I could use the old OWL theory and put my own snake in the gaden winding it through the wine tree trunk and SCARE off any lurking beasts near by!!! Brilliant!! Right?? If I hadnt run this by you it would have been THE BEST April fools Joke played on Mufasa!!!
So imagine with me if you will a realistic snake intertwined in these holes and tell me what you think!! I am going to Google fake snakes and buy one.. send a picture of the finished product to Ellen and see if she will THEN call me over for a cuppa! I keep expecting her to find me on Twitter, but it hasn't happened yet.:::different blogabout:::
The best news is that our rock garden is really becoming interesting and I'll be showing it to you soon. I must admit that with all this sunshine its been darned hard to quilt inside! In addition to that I am working on a custom and its a slow go-er. I am also still stabilizing tee shirt blocks times 60!!!
Guilt just waved over me, I better go now. Grunt. Have a great day:)

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Linda said...

How about a very artistically created quilted snake? Probably wouldn't scare off any other snakes--though maybe? The new flamboyant being in the garden. Hmmmmmm. A quilted owl wouldn't hurt either!

Remember, the tee shirt quilt is not about feeling guilty. It'll be done when it needs to be done. Have a good day and send me some sunshine, kay?
Lurking Linda

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