Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Un Thoughts

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. 
 ~Author Unknown

I've got that feeling today. The overwhelmed, Ive got too much to do, I cant see any accomplishments, and I'm just hungry feeling. GRUNT.
My brain has so many racing thoughts that I cant put one whole one on paper! ( screen)
I was going to give you a divine recipe I made last evening, but I looked and it wasnt foodie friday? Then I thought I'd have a giveaway for thread. I gots tons and want to share. But that would mean locating the camera under cones and cones of thread. repeat grunt. I am now yelling at myself to GET UP and get to work on at least ONE of the things on the list. But I'm hungry. I get the shakes if I dont eat. If I dont eat RIGHT that is. Maybe I'll boil eggs and eat one. I cant get my bloodwork done because I drank coffee. I can do the dishes I lazily left in the sink last night, but that would mean getting wet, and I'm cold. :::whiney brat this morning eh?:::: Can I go back to bed? BRB

OK, sorry. I smacked myself silly and poured a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and a hard boiled egg. Made some fresh coffee and I feel slightly human again. Good thing huh?
Not sure whats higher, the stacks of paperwork to go through, or the thread to make sense of. Oh wait! Its the quilts I need  to quilt! No! Its the dishes in the sink! Shit. Maybe I need to go eat again. Still racing thoughts. I hate that! Scuse me while I go pull my head outa my... well... shower and get busy, hows that?
Love yer guts, stay tuned for divine lamb riblet dish, and a thread giveaway! ( when I pull my head outa.......)
If I don't I wont be able to watch Idol tonight guilt free! I wish I could vote off a few myself this week. Grunt. Hey I have a question. Is it far enough into the season to give James Durban some cash to pin his ears back with? Can one have an ear job? Oh I am so bad, bad, bad.
<-----secretly wishes I were PIA, (with my wisdom, of course)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ u, I was thinking the samething about the ear job.
and....I want Pia to win.

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