Monday, April 4, 2011

No Tech Week End

"Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself." Doris Lessing

And I'm having withdrawls! I turned off the world for a few days, phone and all. No Facebook, no emails, no blogabouts...nada. On Saturday we enjoyed yard sale shopping, ::Junkin::: and worked in our garden. I did find a perfect little rain boot with succulents inside, a little treasure for sure. Sunday I wanted so badly to be with friends for a birthday celebration but could not be. I wonder if THATS why I was sick all day? I have no idea what came over me but I woke up sick and stayed that way until about 2 hours ago. I now feel fine. Hmmmmmm Something I ate? I personally think its time for friends and family injection. I havent heard my baby grands voices in far too long.
While moving earth around all week end I decided to try my hand at farming. I bought some red bell peppers and Linda brought me a cherry tomato. Now, admittedly, I am afraid of big fat hairy worms. The one and only time we tried to grow our own food the worms came and we ran around the backyard screaming and yelling! We ended up calling some guys to remove all plants while we hid in the house. Stupid, but brutally honest. I whole heartedly wish to grow my own goods, so please oh please dont let the worms come over!
The rock garden has expanded quite a bit and the interest out here is just so eye pleasing and relaxing! I cant wait until the grands see the snake in the branches and run in the house screaming. I laughed the entire time planting the fake tree in anticipation. ( bad Nonni).
The highlight of the no tech week end was when I found THEE PERFECT meyers lemon tree! It wasnt easy either. Now ya know no self respecting latin woman would be without her limon` tree right? Of course right. Now do ya think I could find thee perfect pot for her? Nope. Shes still lonely with no forever home out there, but, with tons of blossoms and sun coming, she will smile soon:) I was going to get a half oak planter, but frankly, they are so heavy and other pots so bright and cheery that I passed. 3 times I passed.
With much work yet to do outside it will have to wait for quilts are calling! We have a huge yard, all uphill and full of weeds. Most noteably, 4 hands between us only.Time. The answer to everything.....grunt.
Have a marvelous Monday Dear Blog Readers, missed ya:)

M & M's include:

No Sales Tax Saturday at Miners!
Perfect lemon tree
Fake snake giggles
Diggin or dishin dirt with those ya love.
All day sew in's!
NOT no tech week ends
Chatting with strangers at yard


Linda said...

Love the snake! How many adults are going to stand around and try to figure out if it's a coral snake or a corn snake? (I think that's the two that are the same colours but in reverse directions--could be wrong (probably), though!) Have a great week.
Lurking Linda

Anonymous said...

Sorry Honey...but worms are GOOD for gardens. They make REALLY good soil Now if it were a real SNAKE, I'd be there screaming around and heading for the house.

Karen A.

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