Saturday, April 2, 2011

Serious Sew In

 I think its pretty darn cool that I am quilting on my BFF's Quilt in one spot, while she is pumping out the very next quilt!
LOL Linda and I had a great sew in day! We need a few more of them to finish right? We did manage to steal away for a bite to eat, but other than that, several sewing hours! The houses and snowballs that I'm working on is beautiful, however I cannot wait to load that New York Beauty! I was watching her piece it from the corner of my eye and amazed at the ease of the curved piecing. I'd lie to say I'll try it one day, but not sure about that! There are so many UFO's piled up now of mine that I dare not start another. Hey! I have a great idea! I could barter with my piecer to finish mine! Hmmmmmm
Ah the yummy ideas while drinking coffee.....
I'm off to find hidden treasure at yard sales! Have a good Saturday!

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