Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Garden Evolution

I was out and about early this morning running errands, and decided to pop into the local Goodwill shop. I am on the hunt for cheaper than cheap garden/yard art.(and a cow bell) I found THIS treasure for a whole dollar! A medium sized clay pot, painted to look a bit Greek-Y? I love it! I especially love the price!

This is a new invention Mufasa made for me last week end. I now must fill those pots! Isnt it cute? I need the cowbell for the end of the rope. I think I can market this item:) Going down the row live our succulents, cactus boxes, and my happy flower pot! I really have no idea why this brown thumbed quilter is interested in patio gardening, but I'm rolling with it? Next thing ya know she'll be getting a KITTEN and eating chocolate!
Oh! Speaking of kittens... check out my sick lil buried cat near the cactus. I LOL everytime I walk out the door! Thanks Linda:)
Enjoy the shots, I'm off to quilt something!


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