Friday, April 8, 2011


This is the SECOND TIME Idol seriously pissed me off this season!
I understand that I already blogged this morning for a Foodie Friday, however while I am alternating quilting with a dry rub concotion for tomorrows baby back ribs, I have this cheek burning going on and it isnt a hot flash! ( thank Mankind for HRT). While so many tragic, horrid things go on around the world, one might find it so trivial to concern themselves with fuming over a television program.  Heres my pondering on that...... Its a distraction from ALL of it. meant for entertainment purposes. Channel changing, respite for one little hour in my day.  Not try to fool the public, piss em off, or all of the other things going on around the world that warrant that kind of emotion.
Could it actually be a voting issue where say girls are the prevelant voters and they dont like other girls? They spend all thier votes on goofy ears Durban?
Maybe its a lack of Simonisms? Cheerleading unconstructive critisisms panel of 2011 judges?
I bet you a quarter that Simon is lurking in the wings and signed PIA 2 minutes after the show aired!
Do you remember the night the judges saved Casey? It was so staged.. come on!
Could it be how to get ratings without Paula and Simon around?
<---pissed I tell you!
OK... Off my chest. Scuse me while I go slap some meat around for awhile to finish off the vent job:) Then I'll relax with a glass of wine and quilt until I purr. Grunt.

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