Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sewing Center Desk

WOW! Can I have one of these???? WOW! I understand that it would RARELY look like the closed up version but WOW! Way to open my droopy coffee sipping eyes! Its called the scrapbox . Go watch the video.  I already filled mine up in my head...lol I think those shallow outer walls is a great place for a mini design "block" wall! (s)
Hey heather, this would also be great for your space!
I have to do double time this morning as I spent all of yesterday running errands. Maybe I should make my new day off on Mondays. Funnily enough most of my former career life I had Sunday/Monday off. I could be pre programmed. I'll ponder that. I seem to be outside more than in these days due to SUNSHINE! We got our three lil veggies in the ground last evening and thay are so cute. I know this is quite trivial to all of you saged gardeners, however I have never fancied moving the earth around. It dirties my nails, I'd much rather point. I'm finding it kind of theraputic now. Dont expect me to be mowing anything soon. I'm not THAT into it. As I crawled up the hillside pulling what seems to be mountains of weeds, I wondered why in the heck my Sissy enjoys this sport. I watch her dig, pull, plant, and play and I ask her why with all of her resources cant she just hire one good gardener? She always laughs and tells  me its her creation. I suppose I can understand that. It may be like me hiring a piecer to make my quilts. Hey!! What a great idea!!!
Anyway, putting this seemingly blank canvas of a yard and garden together is more like birthing  little creations. Here is a photo of the three lil veggies, day one. LOL
Now Mufasa wishes to plant a watermelon patch. Gina the farmer. Who knew?

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