Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Facebook vs Blog vs Twitter Observations

Mornin`! I'm on it! I don't know what it is I'm on but I'm on it! I made a huge list and I'm on cuppa #3, so I feel chatty. I need to be out of here in the flippin rain in a little while so not a lot of time to blog. I just wanted to say that since I have been trying to be diligent about blogging and reading blogs, I have noticed that Im NOT THE ONLY one lagging due largely in part to Facebook! My usual list of reading, isnt posting much! I see that some quilters even use FB as a Twitter station too! ( what they happen to be doing at the moment). I am equally as guilty of posting on FB before blogging. These programs really are different though. BLOG vs FB, vs Twitter...etc....I finally stopped trying to Twitter my life away. I do like FB, and of course the blogs. I like to be "In Touch", just not as "in touch" as tweeting all the time. I have decided that FB keeps me connected, and blogs feed me ( including my own). If I need a tweet, I'll speak to Sir Rudy about it. He tweets enough for the State of California!
I have a bit of bad news on the quilting front. I reloaded the DWR and fought with the backing for 2 hours with Walt on one end and me on the other, clamps inbetween and we both decided that it had to come off again, and frog the last ( first) row too. Yes, I cried. But hey... I'm so used to crying that I can just do it while living, notta problem. We unzipped the 103 inch beast and looked at each other, both of us in total shock of the work ahead ( again). I brought her into the living room so that I wouldnt miss HOUSE and 24. While I turned the end table into a sewing station, Walt was on Craigslist .. I asked what he was doing and he said, and I qoute " I am looking in the want ads for a lady to come in and help frog for 8 hours". :::shaking my head again::::
I am certain there is a lesson to be learned here somewhere. I will ponder this while nipping, not tucking. Grunt.
I'm off to quilt shops to make my rounds and have a much deserved lunch with a fellow Quilting friend. I shall return to frog another time:)
PS: I couldnt frog during 24... I was WAY too nervous and Jack surely would have caused a RIP. Dang it Jack!

'Whenever you get into a jam, whenever you get into a crisis or an emergency…become the calmest person in the room and you'll be able to figure your way out of it.'"

– Rudolph Giuliani


Judy Whitehead said...

Balancing FB and Twitter and my blog has become a juggling act. But different people read the different venues (some do read both or all), so I don't want to leave anyone out. But I find myself posting to FB first (it's so quick and easy!), then my blog (where it takes longer cause I want to put in pictures and I'm slow), and only occasionally twittering (cause I can barely get my comment down to the alloted keystrokes).

Not that I can get wordy or anything!!!!! ;>)

Anonymous said...

life surely is a balancing act and that can be tough for some of us that are naturally "un"balanced! i guess i just have to keep trying. :)

Anonymous said...

life surely is a balancing act and that can be tough for some of us that are naturally "un"balanced! i guess i just have to keep trying. :)

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