Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Must we be Catholic to celebrate a Good Friday? Why must there be but ONE good Friday in 52? I dont think so. I celebrate Jewish holidays too. Whats wrong with that? Nuttin. I kinda get a tickle out of all these "rituals" of various religions. Last evening I watched as the community gathered for a Thursday Feet washing of the homeless. HUH? It caught my attention so I listened intently to the story.

 I pondered what if we all took our favorite rituals of each of these beliefs, and just called it a life of our own with a personal relationship with our Father...and then Love, Honor and Respect those beliefs.

I thought about Mom's take on the whole subject. She really detested the word and definition of religion. Being the inquisitive girl that I am, I studied each and every belief system that I came across. This resulted in many a finger wagging from my Mother. Altho she didnt mind or even KNOW of a few I adopted with my own brood. Family home evening being one of them. My Utah peoples taught me long before I had children of this night. I loved it and incorporated it. When Mom was around, read: Tamale Time, she loved it too. We grew up non catholic Christians without using the term religion. It worked for us. Still works.
So happy good Friday to everyone! Will you eat fish? Go to Mass?  I will be making a quilt, packing my bag, and of course pondering how to make next Friday good too. Its what I do.


Vicki W said...

We will be eating oysters with friends because every Friday deserves a celebration!

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

We had taco's because we wanted them. LOL I realy enjoyed you post today...Personal relationship with our Father and respecting ours and others beliefs. I do try to live mu life in that way.

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