Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paying For Luggage On Flights

Here's my idea, cause I think they got it all wrong.

8 bucks for a pillow?
9-11 bucks for a snack?
15 for a checked bag, 25 for 2?
 now they want money for carry on bags?
 Thier reasoning is make the plane lighter and get to your destination faster. heheheheheh pardon me while I snicker. Wrong I tell you, WRONG.
If they would just stop all of these add on charges and JUST charge me for the convienience of carry on bags, I COULD understand.
Carry ons may be easy for you, but I contend they are a pita to everyone else. They hold up the process of loading and disembarking the plane.
They do indeed weigh the plane down.
They may or may not have contriban onboard, easily accessable.
Anything other than a laptop size and they are cumbersome and just piss me off! When loading the plan why dont they sound off by luggage content instead of your seat number? It doesnt matter what number you are, you walk the plank only to be stopped standing WAITING for the truffle shuffle in the isleway watching the wrestling match going on overhead. Its just not good Jetiquette peoples! You have now decided to waste my time and possible bunk me in the head with your huge bag being hucked in the air. :::Yes I have been bunked in the head::::I understand children needing a small supply bag for long flights. I understand that people dont wish to check their bags only to retrive them on the turnstyle with crowds after landing. IF the luggage did in fact arrive!
This, I'm sure will spark a great deal of controversy, but its what I think about it. The Airlines have it BACKASSWARDS.

Why yes I did sleep well thanks:) I am on my second cuppa thoughts while contimplating a drive, train travel or flight to get to Ronda's soon. This came at a handy dandy time because the news came on and helped to make my decision. Ronda? I'm driving, Top down, hair flying Mach 1 John Mayer blasting, cuppa in the holder, luggage in the trunk....Imma coming soon!

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