Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Savannah, African Exotic Cat

Should fit right I may put it on my list. Hmmm Mother's Day= Newborn? Hmmmmm
The Savannah Boasts intelligence, dog like qualities. They come from Rudy's homeland. They are a hybrid of the Servil exotic. Leash walkers, short haired. Just sayin`?

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TerriW said...

Um, Gina...if this cat is from Rudy's homeland you might want to consider the whole predator know, cats...birds...just sayin'


Gina said...

LOL I am thinking! But he may get rid of his boredom issues??? I think Rudy could take `em :)

shirley said...

that is too funny. love how he jumps over the black cat. but who wants a cat as tall as their couch! is it full grown? looks like he is good for lots of laughs.

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